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With No Promise of Protection, Ceremony is Postponed

Because of inadequate protection from intruding recreational boaters, the Winnemem Wintu have postponed our Bałas Chonas (Coming of Age Ceremony) for Marisa Sisk until next year, Traditional Hereditary Chief and Spiritual Leader Caleen Sisk-Franco announced this week. The site of … Continue reading

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The Sacrifices We Make, The Sacrifices They Don’t

In their correspondence with us, Forest Service officials say the voluntary river closures have worked, that we’ve had “successful” Coming of Age ceremonies and that they’re happy to “assist” us in our upcoming ceremony next month. If these ceremonies were … Continue reading

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One Year Later and Still No Protection for Our Young Tribal Women

It’s been almost a year since Jessica and Winona’s Coming of Age Ceremony during which several boats ignored the voluntary river closure and interrupted our ceremony. While there was no incidents as ugly as 2006, the boats filled our tribe … Continue reading

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